Computer Assisted Surgery and Therapy

Contribute To This Course

We’d love you to contribute! Please check out the source code, and send pull requests.

Course Details

For those of you taking this course for university credit at UCL, these are the essential details:

  • All formal announcements come via UCL’s Moodle.
  • Assessment:
    • 1 piece of coursework, worth 100%.
  • Sessions:
    • Term 2, Thursdays, 10:00-13:00, not including reading week.
    • Essentially, aiming for Face-to-Face in 2022, COVID permitting.

How This Course Is Run

  • Reading: which must be completed before each session.
  • Lectures: lectures and in-class discussion groups.
  • Practical Exercises: exercises during and between sessions.
  • Formative Assessment: (not part of final mark) on Moodle for those at UCL.
  • Summative Assessment: (counts towards final mark) on Moodle for those at UCL.

If you find problems with either the notes, or the code, raise Issues in the Gitlab Issue Tracker. Your help and feedback will make this a better course. Thank you.

Course Principles

  • Research led: Closely linked to academic literature, and research at UCL and world-wide.
  • A systems approach: A researcher may only work on one component, but to achieve the clinical goal, we must understand the total system performance.
  • Learn by doing: Code examples, often using the SciKit-Surgery libraries, referenced in The SciKit-Surgery Paper, and described in this IPCAI 2020 presentation.